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A Detailed Guide to Purchasing Necklaces

Use the K.I.S.S technique: Keep It Simple Solitaire.

In case you aren’t sure of the setting, pay attention to the diamond and place it in a solitaire type engagement ring. It’s a timeless choice that most can afford and highlights the shape of every diamond. Simply let her express her desired shape if a solitaire isn’t her choice.

Similarly to elegant and strapless wedding dresses, solitaires are still a very common style and there are high chances the piece going to turn out right from the first shot.

The common solitaire type is made of a ring head with 4-6 prongs that simply accommodate the diamond core. There are no extra stones placed on the band/shank. A solitaire ring with 4 prongs enables more light to travel around the stone as opposed to a ring with 6 prongs which is typically more steady, thanks to the two additional prongs. A small size diamond may appear a tad smaller when placed in a 6-prong ring but don’t let this fool you–there is no visible difference between the two so don’t worry.

Another similar type of ring is the sidestone ring in which the primary core stone is skirted by an array of very small pave diamonds that spread partially or fully around the shank. Another classic and  safe choice if you are confused by the variety of choices or don’t know which type to buy.

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