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Everything You Need to Know About Cubic Zirconia Diamond Simulant Jewelry

Have you ever came across the term “cubic zirconia diamond simulant jewelry”? Perhaps you’ve seen several terms referring to this type of ring, like for example diamond veneer or simulant diamonds/diamond simulant. All these terms refer to artificially produced diamonds.

A cubic zirconia ring is a shadeless type of zirconia which is transparent and resembles a diamond in terms of looks, clarity, and sparkle but the difference here is that it’s artificially made and not produced by nature, as in real diamonds. Thus, anyone that likes the appearance of diamonds but can’t afford to pay that much, can go for a cubic zirconia ring.

Now, diamond simulants are actually stones that have a similar appearance to a diamond but they are produced by various materials–from natural to artificial ones. They are also called lab-created diamonds. Typical diamond simulants are made of glass and cubic zirconia.

Diamond veneer pieces are top quality cubic zirconia jewelry that consist of a veneer of carbon diamond components. Through a stage called “crystallization” the color on the diamond base is perfected. This procedure also improves the longevity of your jewelry at minimal cost compared to a real diamond.

Buying a simulated diamond or veneer cubic zirconia jewelry piece is a great and more affordable alternative to real diamonds. Besides rings, diamond veneer jewelry also come in the form of necklaces and earrings.

There is also an extra advantage of diamond simulant jewelry. By now, you’ve most probably already heard about the ethical matters that surround diamond extraction e.g poor laboring conditions. This another symbolic reason to pick cubic zirconia jewelry instead.

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