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How to Choose Your Engagement Ring Without Ruining a Surprise Proposal

Perhaps you have already visualized the moment your partner will bend on their knees and finally propose to you, opening that fine velvet box to reveal the glowing ring. And while it’s exciting for this to be a surprise (with photos taken or not), having no clue of what you’ll sport on your left hand all the time might not exactly match with your arranged closet and especially picked accessories/jewelry. So how can you express what engagement ring you want without spoiling the surprise? Here are some tips by experts below…

Chances are you’ll like your ring regardless of its style, but you know you are going to feel extra happy if it’s what you are looking for besides its symbolic value. And in case you partner isn’t particularly keen on shopping with you, there are other alternative options to ensure that you get your desired style.

One of the first steps to do is to try various styles of rings. Check out rings in stores carrying numerous brands or visit different shops to see more choices. Take some pics of what you fancy and what isn’t your cup of tea and begin to narrow down your list of options. This may be a different style of ring, shape of the core stone or a different no-diamond gemstone. Your lifestyle should also be a factor when choosing a ring style. A lower setting for example is ideal if you are more active–in case you do many manual tasks, you may opt for a stronger metal material like platinum.

Afterwards, meet with your partner. You can then visit some jewelry shops together or he/she may simply wish to take a recap of what you like and then be parted with their own objects. If there is a particular shop you fancy, get your partner with the jeweler who assisted you in trying rings. They can lay aside the pieces you really liked and give your future fiance some clues on your ideas while checking out the pieces. Alternatively, express the right words to your partner e.g gold metal, specifics like a pave or halo band, shape and size of the gemstone, e.t.c) so they can convey that to the jewelry shop owner they’ve chosen.

The greatest way to ensure that you both like the ring without ruining the surprise is to choose mutually 3-4 rings you both like and let your proposing partner pick and tweak one of these. By seeing their final choice, you will feel more happy and excited, regardless if you tried every single ring on your finger prior the proposal.

An alternative yet equally great idea to guide your partner in the right path is to send them an invite to your Pinterest board items. To facilitate the whole thing, choose only a few items so your partner doesn’t get confused. Consider also asking your BFF for help–express what you want exactly so then can then pass the details to your partner. And in case your friend and S.O are friends, tell them to accompany your partner when they hit the shops. This way, you’ll feel a tad more secure knowing that your opinion will be considered, even indirectly.

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