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Necklaces: Info and Purchasing Guide

The ideal pendant/necklace when worn will perfectly complement any fashion style.Apart from being an always “in” gift choice, purchasing your woman a necklace comes across as a really romantic act, especially when you wear it on her neck the very first time.

Typically, a necklace refers to any kind of chain or string of a precious metal material or gemstones. Necklaces are also sold in the form or pendants that include a single diamond, pearl, delicate metal pattern and typically separated from a chain. A pearl pendant is a string of pearls strung close to each other.

Metal Material Chains

Chains match any styling piece. A delicate platinum chain in choker dimensions is enough to add a subtle amount of sparkle. You can also go for a 18 in. sterling silver or a 18K gold chain to add a visually appealing note to her closet.


Necklaces are available in various styles such as dense chains, braids, and links. A number of necklaces have a set array of diamonds or stones while others bear stones that go through the whole length of the chain. Pendants usually consist of gemstones, diamonds, delicate metal patterns and are separated from  a chain.

Pearl Strands

Pearl strands are a must-have item in any female jewelry collection. A woman can sport one with a classic dress to form an elegant look.

Solitaire Pendants

The effortless pattern of a solitaire pendant shifts the attention and the eye to a brilliant pearl, gemstone, or diamond. These classic items can be combined with a pair of jeans or a dress.

Types of Necklace Chains

Necklace chain typesNecklace chain typesNecklace chain types

Picking the Right Length

When you are choosing a pendant or necklace, keep in mind that the length will impact the spot it will lie on her bust.

necklace length
24 inches/Opera length: An intense length worn over a dress or top.

18 inches/Princes length: Lies over collarbones. Very common length.

16 inches/choker length: Lies a tad above the collarbones and draws attention to the neckline.

Purchasing Tip

Calculate the length of a necklace from one edge to another (clasp included).

Pendants and Necklaces as Presents

Many females choose to begin with a link of fake pearls and thus a link of natural pearls makes a great present idea for a young lady. In case there is an upcoming special event like a birthday or anniversary, you may go for a solitaire pendant that bears a diamond or a pearl. For a very special event e.g 10-year anniversary, you may consider gifting Akoya pearls which are renowned for their unparalleled beauty. Every time she wears such piece, she will have fond memories of the occasion.

For lighter and more fun events e.g vacation or a job promotion, you may opt for a pendant that has a platinum, 18K gold, or sterling silver pattern which is a more fun and less formal choice.

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