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Tips on Selecting the Ultimate Diamond Necklace

Diamonds make one of the greatest gemstones available. This is no surprise as they have an unmatched brilliance, sparkle, and shine.

There are no other gemstones coming close to the beauty of a diamond. They are always a classic gift option and an ideal choice for everyone wishing to buy something simple yet totally beautiful for a special occasion.

This is why a diamond pendant is the greatest compliment to any occasion and any day.

There are various necklace styles to choose from–from large diamonds, to clusters and a simple stud swaying off a chain, the variety is very rich when looking to buy one.

Thus, it’s wise to pick the right one. Check this guide out on tips to pick the best for you personally or someone you love.

The Traditional Diamond Pendant

Nothing is more elegant than a classic diamond necklace.

This type of necklace consists of a diamond stone on a metal chain. Size is a factor to consider as well–a typical necklace doesn’t extend beyond the collarbone.

Another factor to take into account when buying one is grade of the diamond.

Ideally, you want to choose a diamond that is up to 1 shade (classic diamonds lean towards platinum color as opposed to sparkling or multi-shade) and reach SI2 grade in clarity.

These types are ideal for formal occasions and are an all-time classic gift choice.

Gemstones & Diamonds

The perfect complement to a classic diamond is a high-quality and beautiful gemstone. A diamond’s sparkle is highlighted by the natural shades and brilliance of gemstones like amethyst, rubies, and emerald.

These kinds of pendants are really one-of-a-kind. The diamond/gemstone combo choices are endless. You can combine a large diamond and encircle it with other smaller-sized gemstones.

You may also choose to get a circle of diamonds and one gemstone or a circle of diamonds and many gemstones.

The above style is ideal for anyone that wishes to have an extra favorite stone and is a great gift option when combined with the person’s birthstone.

The Diamond’s Cut

The cut of the diamond refers to the diamond’s style. The factors that influence a diamond’s cut include polish, symmetry, proportion, and shine/brilliance.

Some of the most popular diamond cuts are:









Kind and Length of Necklace

Even though the diamond itself is a vital factor to consider when picking a necklace, you may also consider various chain materials and lengths as well.

Decide first how often you will be wearing the necklace. Short types are ideal for formal occasions and longer styles for more casual ones.

The chain material is also a matter. You ideally want to go for a material that’s durable and a metal is the most popular choice for this. Precious metals are equally sparkly as the diamond itself. Opt for platinum, gold, or silver chains.

Another choice is to go for a necklace in which the diamonds surround the chain.

Now go Choose Your Necklace

Regardless of the style you are going for, you will get the most beautiful piece available on the market.

Whether you’ll be sporting that necklace on formal occasions or daily life, your diamond necklace will look brilliant regardless of the occasion.

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